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OutRyder Opening Party 2019-2020 Season!


Friday Nov 15 ✦ 7:00PM ✦ Cathedral Station 

Come celebrate the beginning of what will be a fabulous and fun filled ski and snowboard season with the Outryders at Cathedral Station in the South End! We packed out Cathy’s last year, and aim to do it again to kick off the season right. Not a member yet? No problem! Sign up online ( or there will be a sign up table at the party, or if you are thinking of joining but aren't sure yet; come anyway! We would love to meet you!

The Opening Party is open to all, we just ask you to please RSVP by registering using the link below.


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Warren Miller’s “Timeless” movie

warren miller 2018

Thursday Nov 21  ♦  7:00PM  ♦  Somerville Theatre 

Time to get your winter stoke on for the 2019-20 Ski season!

If winter puts a smile on your face, it’s something you had in common with the late, great Warren Miller. The warm, witty, mildly eccentric godfather of the ski-and-ride film was the man who got us started on this long, crazy ride.

This year’s movie is the 70th installment from Warren Miller Entertainment named Timeless featuring ski legends like Glen Plake, alongside newcomers Caite Zeliff, Jaelin Kauf, and Baker Boyd. Road-trip with rippers from Arlberg to the Matterhorn, be immersed in the hometown hill of Eldora and discover a different side of Jackson Hole, plus much more.

Continue the legacy this fall and join your fellow Outryders for a fun night out in Somerville!!!

Check out the trailer in Youtube


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