Why should I join Outryders?
Because skiing or riding alone is BORING! When you attend an OutRyders trip, you get to head out on snow with a group of queer snow sports lovers who accept you for who you are! We have members of all skill levels and abilities who love to meet new people. Whether you are learning to turn, cruising blues, getting lost in the trees, or getting big air, you’ll find your group of OutRyders.

Why do I have to pay for a membership?
Where does my membership money go? OutRyders collects yearly membership fees to pay for the operating costs of the group. This includes website maintenance, costs for trip overhead, overhead for branded apparel, and cost of promotion and marketing of the group. We also host various parties, gatherings, and social events throughout the season that require funding for venue and food. Without these expenses, there is no OutRyders.

What does OutRyders expect from me?
We ask everyone to adhere to our Code of Conduct. But put simply, love one another, and bring a positive attitude! Of course, hate of any kind is not tolerated.

What can I expect from OutRyders?

  • Social events before and after the ski season, with food, drink, and great company in queer-friendly spaces.
  • A group to meet up with both on and off snow during our day and weekend trips.
  • A safe, supportive environment for queer people.
  • Discounted lodging and lift tickets at resorts across the northeast and beyond.

Is OutRyders for-profit? Do any board members make money from OutRyders?
OutRyders is a non-profit organization. Our board of directors is composed entirely of volunteers. Board members pay the same membership fees, trip fees, and ticket prices as members do. Board members do not take any salary or stipend for their work.

Why don’t you have a bus?
Ground transportation is extremely expensive, and only realistic when costs are spread out over a very large group of people. Though OutRyders had more than 200 registered members last year, we rarely can generate enough demand to provide reasonable transportation rates.

I don’t have a car. If you don’t have a bus, how do I get anywhere?
SPEAK UP! Many members have open seats in their cars and would be happy to carpool. Our membership spans across the northeast US, so chances are there is someone nearby. Use the OutRyders website forums or ask a board member to help you arrange for a ride.

Do you have a clubhouse?
No. We generate our own community at the resorts we attend by reserving lodging units in bulk in the summer and passing group discounts on to the membership. Some members own properties near resorts that they may offer periodically throughout the season.

Where are the discounted lift tickets?
Group-discounted lift tickets are harder for groups to obtain than before “Pass Wars” (Epic, Ikon, and Indy passes). Many of the group trips we attend are at Ikon Pass resorts, though Epic and Indy Resorts are also included. Some resorts still do offer us group lift ticket rates. These opportunities will be listed on our website.

So if I still have to pay for lodging, food, drink, transportation, and a pass, why should I join OutRyders?
It’s all about creating a community of queer snow sports lovers for you to join. You get to show up and know there will be a group of people waiting to slide on snow with you that is queer and proud.

Can my child join?
No. Unfortunately, we do not have the legal and insurance structure to allow children to join currently. Do you do any philanthropy or donate to any causes? We are working towards fostering a partnership with YES: Youth Enrichment Services, an amazing nonprofit based in Boston inspiring youth through outdoor experiences and leadership opportunities. Visit their website to learn more at http://www.yeskids.org

Why do I need to sign up so early?
We ask for early action from you to help us get you the best discounts available and ensure your hotel neighbors are fellow OutRyders. Resorts offer discounts to us for reserving large numbers of lodging units during the summer and early fall months. We pass these discounts on to our membership. As ski season approaches, resorts are under pressure to sell the unsold units at market price. They provide deadlines where we must release unsold units or pay the cost of the unsold rooms. We never want to take away lodging options from our members, but after a deadline, we often must release them to avoid losing money. The price of unsold rooms eats into our operating budget and hurts our ability to finance future events.

Can't I just get an Airbnb/Vrbo/book a different hotel nearby on the same weekend you do?
You can. We understand that members have to make the best financial decisions for themselves. But there is strength in numbers. The OutRyders board works hard to provide the best balance of affordable, convenient, and quality lodging with the right balance of price, great amenities and access to the slopes. The more members purchase rooms through OutRyders one year, the better negotiating power we have with the resorts next year to secure more lodging and better discounts for the members. Also, by booking with OutRyders, you will be surrounded by our community for the whole trip, not just on the slopes.


Learn how to be a part of Outryders

The all-volunteer Board of Outryders would love for you to be a part of this loving and adventurous organization. We visit some of the most fun mountain destinations for any skill level and our off-mountain events are a great time too! Learn how to be a part of Outryders.

If you have questions for anyone on the Board, please contact us.