Only $35/year
The Beginner Membership level is perfect for those skiers and boarders who are curious about Outryders and wanting to be part of the fun. With this level, members get full access to the website including the events and members areas, OutRyders rainbow beads, free attendance to the multi-sport party, opening party attendance, and our Outryders member newsletter.
$65 per year
The Intermediate Membership level gives you all the benefits of the Beginner level, plus free Outryders stickers, OutRyders rainbow beads, 25% off long-sleeved t-shirt and fitted cap, and earlier access event and hotel registrations than Beginner level. In the past, we have run out of our discounted hotel room rates, and being an Intermediate member helps you secure those rooms or events.
$100 per year
The Advanced Membership is for serious boarders and skiers who want all that the Beginner and Intermediate level offers, plus extras like first access to all events and hotels, one free Outryders shirt or hat upon signup, and 25% of extra Outryders swag. Additionally, Advanced members are allowed to sign up for an out-west ski trip to Copper Mountain.
Starting at $250
The Expert Membership level is for those benefactors that want all that the other levels offer, plus are interested in donating extra to help with infrastructure improvements, two swag items, and an OutRyders benefactor group dinner. This will help Outryders continue to grow and better serve the needs of the LGBTQ+ community.